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CyanogenMod 13 on HTC One M8

Last night, I installed CyanogenMod 13 on my HTC One M8. And it’s wonderful.

I’ve owned my M8 for nearly 2 years and in that time it’s had several Android updates from my provider, Three. With each update the phone became slower and slower. I’m not sure what Three was doing to the updates, but they effectively transformed my phone from a really nice device, to a laggy piece of crap. Part of me wonders if this is intentional, an underhand tactic to force customers into upgrading their phones when their contracts expire?

Anyhow, after installing CyanogenMod, my phone is once again a really nice device. All the lagginess has gone and it’s a joy to use — it’s almost like I just purchased a new phone.

Note-to-self: if I ever buy another Android phone, I should consider installing CM from the start, instead of putting up with the crap that the provider installs.