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Spelunking into the Template Hierarchy image/svg+xml

The template hierarchy is one of my favorite features in WordPress. It not only makes child themes possible, but it also makes the whole ecosystem better because more code can be written to sit in smaller and smaller chunks. This is great. What’s also cool about it is that it’s all enabled by a few relatively small chunks of code. But staring at them starts to expose us to some of the most interesting parts of WordPress.

A nice post exploring the WordPress template hierarchy.

On a semi-related note; it’s been a good 8 months since I started my 10,000 hours of WordPress experiment. If I’m honest, I have no idea how many hours I’ve actually spent working with WordPress, it’s a lot, but I don’t think I’m close to 10,000 yet.

Regardless of the number of hours, I’m still really enjoying working with it, which I’m quite surprised about — when I started, I was a little concerned that WordPress might not have enough complexity to keep me interested, but I’m glad to say that my concerns were unwarranted. I’m still finding new and interesting ways to work with it and I’m having lots of fun. At this point in time, I’d probably describe myself as fully signed-up WordPress convert, which sounds a little weird, but there you go.

Foundation for Emails 2 image/svg+xml

We know building HTML emails is hard, especially responsive emails. That’s why we created Foundation for Emails. Get away from complex table markup and inconsistent results. Use Foundation for Emails to spend less time coding emails, and more time on other things, like building amazing products.

I really do not like working with HTML emails. In fact, I normally opt for sending plain text, if I can get away with it. However, this looks like it might help to lessen some of the pain.