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Shell commands in Rocket Menu

Yesterday, I accepted a pull request and merged a commit into Rocket Menu that makes it possible to create menu items for running shell commands in a terminal. The commit adds a clever fake cmd:// protocol for adding shell commands via the Connections Editor. An example of this would be:


I never intended for Rocket Menu to do this sort of thing, I just use it for opening SSH connections in Nautilus, but it’s interesting to see how others are using it.

A big thank you to Adam Wójs for developing the latest feature and taking the time to submit a the pull request. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

P.S. For anyone using Rocket Menu via its PPA, I’ve rebuilt the package and the new version is already available.

Rocket Menu Update – Connections Editor Improvements

Today, I accepted the first pull request to Rocket Menu. The commit includes some improvements to the connections editor, which now sports some new toolbar buttons for inserting separators and duplicating existing items.

A screenshot of Rocket Menu on Ubuntu 16.04

Rocket Menu’s Connections Editor on Ubuntu 16.04.

I’m pretty chuffed about this, not only because of the new features, but because it means at least one person has found the application useful. So, thank you, Mourad Hamoud, your contribution is really appreciated!

About Rocket Menu

Back when I was using OS X, I used Transmit to connect to remote file systems and have them mounted in Finder. Now that I’m using Linux again, I can do this easily with Nautilus. However, Transmit provided a nifty little system tray icon, that when clicked on, revealed a menu of available connections. I missed that, so I created Rocket Menu as a replacement.

Why did I call it Rocket Menu? Because I fancied having a little rocket in my system tray. Rockets are cool!