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How does one become “Full-Stack”? image/svg+xml

I hear it thrown around so much now days. No one wants to hire someone who doesn’t throw around this magic word. But what does it really mean? (I know what it means) How can a person honestly say they are a full stack developer? What skills do they have to have? Where can they learn this?

An interesting question posted to reddit. I consider myself to be a full-stack developer (though I’m not sure anyone else does) and from my point of view, I think the most important skill/quality to have is the desire to learn how things work.

I started out (about 20 years ago) wanting to know how web pages worked, this led me to learn about how FTP servers work, which led me to learn about how Linux works, which led me to learn about how HTTP servers worked, which led me to learn about how Perl works, which led me to learn about how PHP works, which led me to learn about how MySQL works… etc… etc…

This journey (which I’m still on) made me a full-stack developer, although I didn’t set out with that intention, it just happened along the way as a happy consequence.

Anyhow, if I were in a position to give to anyone advice, I’d remind them to enjoy what they do, have some patience (it’s not going to happen overnight) and to never stop learning. Follow those 3 tips and you’ll be full-stack in no time.

The official website of the 3rd most valuable company on earth image/svg+xml

Well…you don’t get rich by writing checks (sic) to web designers.

Some interesting comments on this reddit page about the Berkshire Hathaway website. Interestingly, the page might look shocking (subjective) for such a prestigious company, but it performs its role and it’s amazingly quick! I measured it with Chrome’s inspector and it came in at just over 3 KB. No obesity crisis here.