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All the Ways I Automate image/svg+xml

Scripting and automation have been in the conversation lately, owing to Apple’s reported disbanding of the macOS team responsible for them and the departure of scripting advocate Sal Soghoian from the company last month.

They sounds like arcane, abstract concepts. And to be sure, scripting and automation are the sort of feature that’s used by more like 5% of users rather than 50%. But in pondering Apple’s possible shift in automation strategy, I began to consider all the ways I use it in my working life.

I’m always interested to discover new productivity hacks, so I enjoyed reading this. Also, I wasn’t aware of Automator, or how useful it can be, until I started using OS X. I have to wonder why the folks at Apple don’t make more of a song and dance about it? I can’t say for sure, but I think I’d have probably switched to OS X sooner, if I’d known more about Automator.

Ambicular: the ambiance is particular image/svg+xml

Give you an easy creative boost or just relax, because in all sounds of nature there is something of the marvelous.

This reminds me of that time I got lost in the Amazon rainforest. It took me 2 weeks to find my way out. I survived by eating worms and drinking, erm, rainwater. Okay, that never happened, but this really is a beautiful ambient noise generator.

Remember the Milk image/svg+xml

When Bob told us we’d be building a new Remember The Milk from the ground up, he said we needed to go big. Ridiculously big. Bob thought we should listen closely to all the feedback and suggestions we’d received from you guys, our awesome users, and create the bestest tasks app the world has ever seen. And who are we to argue with a stuffed monkey?

So we coded, and coded… and coded some more. Crazy amounts of caffeine (and in Bob’s case, bananas) were consumed. Finally, finally, we were done, and we’re now super excited to be bringing you the new Remember The Milk featuring a whole set of shiny new apps.

Back in the day, I was an avid Remember the Milk user, but I’ve moved on since. I’m using Apple’s Notes at the moment and I love it. That said, it doesn’t work with my Android phone, which kind of sucks. I’m thinking I might try the new Remember the Milk apps and see how I get on.

Master TextExpander With These Helpful Tips & Tricks image/svg+xml

If you’re a TextExpander user, then you know that it can have a drastic positive impact on your productivity. But are you using TextExpander to its full ability or are you barely scraping the surface of what it can do?

Having just read this article, I can attest that I’m barely scraping the surface. Anyhow, I went looking for guidance on how to position the cursor inside a snippet and found the answer. It’s actually really simple, but then most things are when you know how to do them.

Getting More Work Done Without Simply Working More Hours image/svg+xml

Much has been written about the productivity habits of Benjamin Franklin, including the daily schedule he adhered to. That schedule established a routine that worked for him. A good first step to increasing your productivity is to create a similar routine of your own that coincides with when you are at your best each day.

Some nice tips for increasing your productivity. FWIW, I’m normally at my best in the morning, between 9:00am and 9:10am.