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Scaling WordPress – Draft Podcast image/svg+xml

In this episode, Joe and Brian talk scaling WordPress, and what to do when you think you might’ve reached WordPress’s limits.

Another good episode of the Post Status podcast, this time Joe and Brian talk in detail about optimising WordPress and MySQL for operating at scale. I’m currently working on a large (50,000+ products) WooCommerce store, so I found their discussion of WP_Query and Elasticsearch especially interesting. Well worth a listen.

Dad’s Old Bits – Ubuntu Podcast image/svg+xml

A good discussion around the topic of dropping 32-bit support in Ubuntu. Topics like this can have a tendency to go postal, so it’s good to hear the Ubuntu Podcast team having a civilised debate about it.

Personally, I cannot recall the last time I installed a 32-bit operating system. I occasionally dig out some old hardware and have a play with it, but after a few minutes, I soon realise why I no longer use said hardware. Also, if I were to consider using it, I’d probably opt for one of the more niche distros, such as Tiny Core Linux or Puppy Linux.

WordPress Hosting – Draft podcast image/svg+xml

Joe and Brian talk all about WordPress hosting, including the different types of hosting that are available, our technical preferences, and some of the non-technical issues that surround hosting in the WordPress world.

A good discussion about hosting options for WordPress. I’m currently really happy with my hosting provider, Linode, but if you’re just starting out, or interested in knowing more about the options that are out there, it might be worth a listen.