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The Big Web Show #154: Where Have All the Unicorns Gone, With Jen Simmons [↗]

Have front-end and UX separated as practices? Is the time of the designer/coder over? The great Jen Simmons (Mozilla, CSS Grid, Layout Land) is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest in a sharply focused episode of The Big Web Show.

A proper good episode where Jeffrey asks the question, “Has web design become too complicated?” I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist of the conversation. I don’t have any answers to questions asked, but I was happy to hear that I’m not the only one who looks back with fond memories of simpler times.

248: AMP – ShopTalk [↗]

Getting AMP’d with AMP. We’re going to talk about the #hotdrama about AMP with a couple of AMP experts.

Before listening to this episode, I was completely uninterested in AMP. After listening, I’m still uninterested. The proponents did nothing to sell it to me.

That said, I can imagine how AMP could be good for end users. For example, last night I was listening to a podcast and browsing the web on my iPhone, I had just started reading an article on Boing Boing when a video advert started playing, which in-turn muted the podcast that I was listening to. Grrr. I’m thinking that AMP could have prevented this annoyance, but then again, I’m also thinking the owners of Boing Boing could also have prevented it by not deploying obnoxious ads.


Resilient Web Design Audio Book [↗]

I’ve recorded each chapter of Resilient Web Design as MP3 files that I’ve been releasing once a week. The final chapter is recorded and released so my audio work is done here.

If you want subscribe to the podcast, pop this RSS feed into your podcast software of choice.

Subscribed and looking forward to listening to this during my journeys to work and back.

247: The Performance Equation – ShopTalk [↗]

The performance equation: A panel discussion on web performance – webperf if you’re fancy – Zach Leatherman, Eli Fitch, and Jack Doyle join Chris and Dave to talk all things performance.

A good episode covering lots of web performance topics.

Interview with Matt Mullenweg on the new WordPress release cycle and more [↗]

I had the opportunity to interview Matt Mullenweg at the end of WordCamp US 2016, and we chatted about the new WordPress development cycle, the WordPress REST API, and more.

Following on from State of the Word, 2016, it’s good to see Brian and Matt discussing the announcements in a less formal manner. Their discussion around the REST API and defining its success (starts around 11:50) was most interesting, although I found Matt’s answer somewhat woolly. Authentication issues aside, I’m wondering if the slow adoption of the REST API is related to a lack of firm commitment to the feature? Or maybe it’s just too advanced for the majority of WordPress users. Regardless of the reason, it would be good to hear a solid commitment to it.

The Talk Show: Ep. 173, With Special Guest Jason Snell [↗]

Jason Snell returns to the show to talk about the new MacBook Pros and the Touch Bar, and Apple’s new book chronicling the last 20 years of their industrial design, Designed by Apple in California.

As a Mac user, I’ve been consuming a fair amount of media coverage about the new MacBook Pro devices, and most of it has been pretty poor. The words emotional and hyperbolic come to mind. So, it made for a refreshing change to listen to John and Jason discussing the new devices in a fair and balanced manner. If any of the recent media coverage and reviews have made you feel slightly uneasy about the future of the Mac, it might be worth a listen.

241: Rapidfire 77 – ShopTalk [↗]

I hate WordPress and every time you talk WordPress. I don’t hate it because of what it is but because of its role and side effects in the web industry. Shouldn’t we as web professionals be the guardians of our industry and try to push to the right direction? And what is the right direction?

I always enjoy listening to Dave and Chris, but I especially enjoyed listening to their conversation about hating on WordPress. Well worth a listen.

Learning WordPress development and how employers should look at candidates [↗]

In this episode, Joe and Brian talk about how they learned WordPress development, how we think employers should look at skill hiring, and resources for learning.

It’s interesting to find out how others learned WordPress and web development. Like Joe and Brian, I have no formal education or training in web development, I trained as an engineer. I started learning web development (~20 years ago) because it piqued my interest and because I have a desire to know how things work. I think that’s probably the key to successful learning, you have to possess a genuine interest in the topic, and if you have that, everything else should follow naturally.

WordPress 4.6, “Pepper” – Draft Podcast [↗]

WordPress 4.6, “Pepper”, has been released with shiny plugin management, system fonts, link syntax checking, resource hints, and more. This release post includes a special episode of the podcast.

Joe and Brian discuss all the new features in the latest WordPress release.

Scaling WordPress – Draft Podcast [↗]

In this episode, Joe and Brian talk scaling WordPress, and what to do when you think you might’ve reached WordPress’s limits.

Another good episode of the Post Status podcast, this time Joe and Brian talk in detail about optimising WordPress and MySQL for operating at scale. I’m currently working on a large (50,000+ products) WooCommerce store, so I found their discussion of WP_Query and Elasticsearch especially interesting. Well worth a listen.

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