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Moving from ownCloud to Dropbox

Tonight, I moved all my files from my ownCloud account to my Dropbox account. I’ve been running my ownCloud instance for a number of years and I’ve been pretty happy with it. However, last night I had a few issues with my Ubuntu server and it made me rethink my cloud storage strategy. Basically, a 2TB external backup drive failed and caused the machine to think twice about booting in an orderly manner.

Luckily, I was around to fix the issue (I unplugged the faulty drive and removed its fstab entry), but if I had been at work or away, it would have been an issue. Admittedly, I’d have worked around any problems I might have faced by not having my server online, but the failure made me question whether or not I need to operate and maintain my own cloud storage solution.

And the answer, somewhat obviously, is no, no I don’t.

Whilst installing and maintaining an ownCloud instance is not difficult, it’s still more difficult than simply being a Dropbox user.  So, the only real question is, do I trust Dropbox with my shit?

The answer to that is yes.

I figure Dropbox’s primary business model relies on their ability to keep their user’s data safe and secure, and quite frankly, their engineers are probably a lot better at this stuff than I am.

So, my ownCloud server is no more, I’m now using Dropbox and my life has become a tiny bit simpler.

ownCloud Statement concerning the formation of Nextcloud by Frank Karlitschek image/svg+xml

Today’s announcement by our former colleague Frank Karlitschek, that he intends to launch a competitive product to ownCloud into the market using recently poached developers, has both surprised us and – admittedly – disappointed us. In the past, Frank has made a wealth of contributions to the development of the ownCloud Community Edition. With today’s announcement, he is no longer related to the ownCloud project and has started a competing community.

I maintain a couple of ownCloud instances, so this statement is somewhat concerning. I’m not sure about the extent of Frank’s contributions or how integral he has been to the project, but I figure he must have been a key player to warrant an announcement like this. So, not good news and I hope it doesn’t disrupt the ownCloud project too much.