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The Story of Firefox OS image/svg+xml

I’d like to tell you my version of the story of Firefox OS, from the birth of the Boot to Gecko open source software project as a mailing list post and an empty GitHub repository in 2011, through its commercial launch as the Firefox OS mobile operating system, right up until the “transition” of millions of lines of code to the community in 2016.

A fascinating read.

Distrusting New WoSign and StartCom Certificates image/svg+xml

Mozilla has discovered that a Certificate Authority (CA) called WoSign has had a number of technical and management failures. Most seriously, we discovered they were backdating SSL certificates in order to get around the deadline that CAs stop issuing SHA-1 SSL certificates by January 1, 2016. Additionally, Mozilla discovered that WoSign had acquired full ownership of another CA called StartCom and failed to disclose this, as required by Mozilla policy. The representatives of WoSign and StartCom denied and continued to deny both of these allegations until sufficient data was collected to demonstrate that both allegations were correct. The levels of deception demonstrated by representatives of the combined company have led to Mozilla’s decision to distrust future certificates chaining up to the currently-included WoSign and StartCom root certificates.

Oh, that’s not good. I use StartCom services for a number of domains and so this is a worry. I should probably look at completely switching to Let’s Encrypt.

Smoother scrolling in Firefox 46 with APZ image/svg+xml

Have you ever been on Facebook or Twitter, merrily scrolling down the page, when all of a sudden, the browser appears to freeze? For several long seconds it just hangs there, and you’re not sure if it’s going to crash or not. Then, finally, something gives way, and the page jumps to catch up to your scrolling, disorienting you?

Yes, Facebook is particularly bad.

That’s called jank, and in Firefox 46 Beta we are well on our way to making jank a thing of the past.


Firefox OS Is Dead image/svg+xml

Firefox OS is a failure. The project started way too late, when all other players in the web ecosystem already had a mobile offering, and it didn’t catch up, either. Although the strategy of aiming at the low-end market was a good one for 2010, Mozilla missed its window of opportunity. Now cheap Androids rule at the low end, and why would any consumer move from Android to Firefox OS? (And don’t give me openness blah; consumers don’t care, except for your mother/girlfriend/other signficant other who pretend they care because they love you; not openness.)

Blunt, but probably true.

I felt a little sad when I heard that Firefox OS was dead, not because I have a Firefox OS device, or was even considering purchasing one, but because I love the work Mozilla does and the ethos they promote.