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Super Tiny Social Icons [↗]

Under 1KB each! Super Tiny Social Icons are minuscule SVG versions of your favourite logos. The average size is 600 bytes. The logos are 400×400 & have a 512×512 viewbox. They will scale up and down to suit your needs.

Tiny social icons, handcrafted with InkScape. What’s not to love?

Simple Icons [↗]

A collection of icons for popular brands. Simples.

Tips for Aligning Icons to Text [↗]

Some good tips for aligning SVG icons with text. I’m currently using Font Awesome for a number of projects, but I’m considering the move to SVG icons, so these tips might come in handy.

The New Favicon [↗]

The recent release of Safari 9.0 brought a great new feature: pinned tabs. These tabs are locked to the lefthand side of your tab bar and stay in place, even when you open a new window or relaunch the browser.

The default behavior is to display the first letter of the site’s name on a color from the site’s theme. If you work on a site with a strong branding element, you’ll want to customize the icon on the pinned tab.

A detailed look at how to create icons for Safari’s new pinned tabs. I’ll be giving this a try real soon.

flaticon [↗]

The largest database of free vector icons

I’m not sure if it is the largest, but there is a decent collection of free icons to choose from.