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High-Memory Instances and $5 Linodes image/svg+xml

We’re also introducing the Linode 1GB, our lowest priced instance ever at only $5 per month. We believe this will add a great deal of utility to our service.

This is good news, although I’m surprised Linode didn’t do this long ago — DigitalOcean have been offering a $5 droplet for some time. I wonder how long it will be before DigitalOcean up their $5 droplet from 512MB to 1GB?

Anyhow, I’m thinking a $5 Linode will be ideal for lots of applications, including cheap development servers and possibly even a small/personal ownCloud instance.

Linode’s 13th Birthday – Gifts for All! image/svg+xml

We also want to thank you for your business and support all these years. As a token of our gratitude, we’re announcing free RAM upgrades for both new and existing customers.

I’ve been a happy Linode customer for a number of years. Despite the occasional hiccup, their service keeps getting better and better. Today they announced that they’ve increased the RAM on all their Linodes, doubling the RAM on their first 3 offerings. Their $10 entry level Linode now comes with 2GB!


WordPress Hosting – Draft podcast image/svg+xml

Joe and Brian talk all about WordPress hosting, including the different types of hosting that are available, our technical preferences, and some of the non-technical issues that surround hosting in the WordPress world.

A good discussion about hosting options for WordPress. I’m currently really happy with my hosting provider, Linode, but if you’re just starting out, or interested in knowing more about the options that are out there, it might be worth a listen.

Linode Confirms Data Security Breach That Matches Recent WP Engine Attack image/svg+xml

Cloud hosting provider Linode has been combatting DDoS attacks since Christmas Day, which have caused multiple disruptions and service outages across its global data centers. The attacks are ongoing and the company is struggling to keep its status blog up to notify customers.

I’ve been a Linode customer for more than 7 years and these recent events are somewhat worrying. I use their services for my personal projects and for projects at work. Now, I’m not prone to knee-jerk reactions, so I haven’t moved to a new provider yet, but I am considering it. DigitalOcean is looking quite attractive at the moment.