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Modern Web Development image/svg+xml

A history lesson of web development that ends with some solid advice:

We all have to make our best guess about what the future will hold. My advice is to focus on what makes you productive today and ignore all the noise and hype about what’s just around the corner. Ignore people like me who are foolish enough to lean precariously over the bleeding edge. Don’t be a fashion-driven-developer. Don’t be a Sneetch! If you’re productive with jQuery, use jQuery! If Google Web Tools is your jam, then jam on! If you want to create a progressive app, then send me a link when you do. If you want your web apps to be completely stateless and rendered server-side, it’s likely you’ll do just fine (just ask Craigslist). Build for today, ignore the hype, and embrace the future when we get there.

Being A Developer After 40 image/svg+xml

Hi everyone, I am a forty-two years old self-taught developer, and this is my story.

At 41, I can really relate to this post. I often forget about the projects I’ve worked on in the past, but reading this brought back memories. Like the author, I also started with Classic ASP, but quickly moved away from Microsoft, switching to Linux and Perl instead.

Anyhow, a good read, for old farts (like me) and those just starting out.