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Wolfenstein 3d in CSS [↗]

It’s not as playable as the original game, but considering it’s all done with CSS, it’s pretty impressive.

8 CSS gotchas to start your morning off right [↗]

As every seasoned web developer knows, CSS isn’t implemented according to a specification of rigid, predictable rules. If it were, we would all just learn the rules and go on to lead happy and successful lives.

A comical look at some CSS gotchas.


21 variations of snake. More info here:

SNAKISMS is a kind of spiritual successor to PONGS and BREAKSOUT in that it’s multiple versions of a classic game (Snake), with the change this time being that I’m trying to convey different “isms” or philosophies through the mechanics of the game by making small changes. The process here has very much been cerebral – sitting down with a notebook or my laptop and literally just writing down the names of philosophies and trying to work out how you could make a game of Snake out of them.

Theremin – Play your own musical synth with delay, feedback & scuzz [↗]

Theremin is a free online synth instrument that makes an array of different sounds. Play it by dragging the cursor or use multiple fingers to fiddle with waveforms, and experiment with the delay, feedback and scuzz sliders.

I love making creepy sci-fi sounds with this.

Dwitter [↗]

Create a HTML canvas animation with 140 characters. I love this.

The HTML5 Robot [↗]

Let the robot choose what semantic tag is right for your HTML5 element.

I love robots.

Commandline Challenge [↗]

Are you up for the command line challenge? Solve the tasks … in a single line of bash.

A nifty way to have some fun whilst learning bash commands.

Jenn Schiffer, Engineer/Artist – XOXO Festival [↗]

Jenn Schiffer is too funny. And very clever. I just hope I never get punked by one of her satirical posts.

100 Excuses for Designers [↗]

Sketch style guides and well-designed charts can only get you so far, but designers like us still make mistakes. Like…a lot. No seriously…all the time.

So here are 100 [goofy] Excuses for Designers to help you cover your ass next time you make a mistake that you’re too afraid to admit. Results may vary!


clickclickclick.click [↗]

A browser-based game on online profiling.

This weirded me out.

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