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Full stack log: 20170323

This morning, I spent some time fixing a flexbox layout that was exhibiting some rendering issues in Internet Explorer 11. Turns out that IE has a few flexbox bugs, no surprises there, grrr.

This afternoon, I mostly created a promotional video for Red Nose Day. Most of the footage for the video was shot on my iPhone 6s. I cut the video together using Final Cut Pro X. I’m not sure if video editing is considered to be a task that fits under the “Full Stack” mantle, but I enjoy playing around with Final Cut, so I was happy to be able to help. The video turned out good and hopefully it’ll encourage some people to donate.

Tonight, I created some new template files for a WordPress theme. The new theme files were needed to incorporate a new category of posts. This task only took minutes to complete, but thought it was worth mentioning.

Don’t Overthink It (Flexbox) Grids image/svg+xml

My point, again: it’s not required that you reach for a grid framework to build a grid. You can do it! This is also not to say that flexbox is trivially easy and you’ll never have any problems. There are plenty of edge cases and weird browser support things that you may run into if you start using more niche flexbox features. The stuff we looked at here is pretty vanilla though and I’d be surprised if you had problems.

Some good flexbox grid advice from Chris Coyier. Chris has a knack of breaking things down and keeping things simple, stupid.

Grid Layout & Flexbox City image/svg+xml

CSS GRID LAYOUT is nearly finalized. Which means it’s time for designers and front-end developers to set the flags enabling their browsers to support the new specification, put CSS Flexbox through its paces by using it to create layouts, and see if anything breaks.

A rallying call from Zeldman to start using/adopting flexbox. Features a curated list of CSS Grid Layout and CSS Flexbox links.