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Firefox 52: inspecting grid layouts [↗]

I’m mostly using Chrome at the moment, but this feature alone is making me want to use Firefox again. Very nifty.

Using DevTools to Tweak Designs in the Browser [↗]

Let’s look at some ways we can use the browsers DevTools to do design work. There are a few somewhat hidden tricks you mind find handy!

A good article with some handy tips. I’ve only recently discovered Firefox’s Screenshot Node feature, it’s covered in this article and is very nifty! I hope it comes to Chrome soon.

Communicating the Dangers of Non-Secure HTTP [↗]

In order to clearly highlight risk to the user, starting this month in Firefox 51 web pages which collect passwords but don’t use HTTPS will display a grey lock icon with a red strike-through in the address bar.

This is a good move, but I wonder if the visual indicator should be stronger?

RIP Firebug

The Firebug extension isn’t being developed or maintained any longer. We invite you to use the Firefox built-in DevTools instead.

I was an avid Firebug user and it’s THE tool that peaked my interest in front-end development. Until I came across Firebug, I was a back-end only guy (that sounds wrong). Anyway, a massive thanks to the developers, you’re all awesome and you’ve definitely made the web a better place. I will always have fond memories of Firebug and I think it’s earned its place in the annals of web history.

Reducing Adobe Flash Usage in Firefox [↗]

Mozilla and the Web as a whole have been taking steps to reduce the need for Flash content in everyday browsing. Starting in August, Firefox will block certain Flash content that is not essential to the user experience, while continuing to support legacy Flash content. These and future changes will bring Firefox users enhanced security, improved battery life, faster page load, and better browser responsiveness.

Seems like a wise move. What’s interesting here is the graph they show that details how the crash rates decreased dramatically when YouTube and Facebook switched to HTML5 video. I wonder if other browser vendors will follow suit?

P.S. The BBC have covered this story, I hope they take notice and sort their shit out.

Smoother scrolling in Firefox 46 with APZ [↗]

Have you ever been on Facebook or Twitter, merrily scrolling down the page, when all of a sudden, the browser appears to freeze? For several long seconds it just hangs there, and you’re not sure if it’s going to crash or not. Then, finally, something gives way, and the page jumps to catch up to your scrolling, disorienting you?

Yes, Facebook is particularly bad.

That’s called jank, and in Firefox 46 Beta we are well on our way to making jank a thing of the past.


Login Forms over HTTPS, Please [↗]

In Firefox 46 Developer Edition, we display a prominent warning to developers about this risk.  When a page with a password field is not delivered securely, Firefox displays a lock with a red strikethrough in the address bar.

Seems like a waste to restrict this to the Developer Edition, I think Mozilla should follow Google’s lead and highlight all non HTTPS enabled sites.

Revisiting Firefox’s DevTools [↗]

A detailed look a Firefox’s devtools, including a look back at their history and what’s available now. I love Firefox and it’s still the primary browser that I use when I’m developing for the web. I still use Firebug, but I really should try and make the switch to Firefox’s built-in devtools.