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elementary OS at Lincoln LUG

As previously mentioned, I attended Wednesday night’s Lincoln LUG meeting with a clean install of elementary OS. I also took along a bootable elementary OS USB key and managed to cajole a number of LUG members into giving it a try. I was interested to know what the other members thought of the distro, so I sat with them while they explored it.

Each member used the distro for between 10 – 30 minutes and although they only really scratched the surface, their initial impressions were positive. The look-n-feel of the desktop got a big thumbs up, it really is very pretty and nicely themed, and all the members managed to navigate around the system with ease, which is not surprising given that they’re all seasoned Linux users.

Some of the comments and observations that I found interesting were:

  • Obtaining a WiFi connection was the first thing that most of the members did. This worked without fail on all the systems and a couple of the members expressed some surprise that it worked out-of-the-box on their systems.
  • Some of the members commented on the choice of default applications that were available in the dock. The lack of a launcher for the file manager was highlighted as an example.
  • There didn’t seem to be any easy way of adjusting preferences in the default terminal application.
  • The App Store didn’t appear to offer many apps, which was very surprising given the Ubuntu heritage.

Again, the members really only scratched at the surface of elementary OS, but I did get the impression that given more time, they would have picked it apart. I know it’s a generalisation, but Linux users (myself included) can be a difficult group to please and I doubt any of the members will be switching to the distro anytime soon. Still, it was good to try something different.

Finding an Alternative to Mac OS X – Bit Cannon image/svg+xml

As someone who has switched back and forth between Linux and macOS, I found this to be a thoroughly interesting read. I’m not surprised that Elementary OS was featured as one of Wesley’s top picks, it’s probably the most macOS’ish desktop Linux, at least in the look-and-feel department.

Also interesting was John Gruber’s commentary:

The truth is, for most of us, there is no good alternative to MacOS. Nothing. And it took so long — not years but decades — for MacOS to get to where it is that I don’t think any other OS could ever catch up. That’s what’s driving the arguably paranoid fear that Apple is abandoning the Mac. It’s not so much the evidence (lack of updates to Mac Pro and Mac Mini, and concerns about software quality) as the high stakes: if the Mac goes away, the world will be left without a Mac-quality desktop OS.

I’m hoping that all this talk of Apple abandoning the Mac really is just paranoia. That said, if they do, I guess I’ll just find myself using Linux a bit more often, again.