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Color Lisa image/svg+xml

Color Lisa is a curated list of color palettes based on masterpieces of the worlds greatest artists. Each palette was painstakingly created by color obsessed designers, artists, museum curators, and masters of color theory.

My favourites include Warhol, Pollock and Lichtenstein.

Stop Feeling Dumb About Pairing Fonts image/svg+xml

You know you need to pick typefaces that will work well together, but it seems like there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, and you don’t have a year to get up to speed on the ins and outs of typography.

Relax! You don’t need to know all the rules. A few simple guidelines and basic type knowledge will have you making great type choices in no time.

If I can get away with it, I tend to opt for a single font family in my designs. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m terrible at pairing fonts, or because I’m indecisive, or because I just prefer the simplicity/minimalism of a single font. Anyhow, this is a nice guide to font pairing.

Use javascript to bulk process company html email signatures image/svg+xml

Email signatures are part of any company’s branded elements. They set the tone to a wider corporate communication plan, introduce visual elements and communicate important information. Emails are a powerful medium which has an amazing volume of client touch-points. The problem is that many times creating an email signature is overlooked as an element of the branding. Often each employee is left to input personal annotations, references, and styling cues which unintentionally erode a carefully planned communication program.

At my place of work, our junior team members manually create email signatures for new employees. I think there is an element of copy ‘n’ paste involved, but all the specific details are entered manually. This seems like a much more logical way of doing it. If I remember, I might take a look at doing something similar, it should only take a few minutes to write a script that queries active directory for employee details — I’m thinking that I could just do the back-end stuff, and then hand it over to our apprentices to finish off. It should make for an interesting project for them.

Designers’ favorite typefaces image/svg+xml

Nothing stirs up a more impassioned debate with designers than asking them to choose their favorite typeface. So this week, we forced a handful of creatives in the InVision community to make that tough decision.

And no lorem ipsum here! They’ve written their favorite word — which, for many, is a breakfast food — using their chosen typeface.

I love these typeface lists, but they make me feel a little guilty for not using a more adventurous font on this site :/

Kill’em ​All: Web Design Trends that Should Die in 2016 (I Hope). image/svg+xml

But the fold is still here. Granted, few people try to fit all of their important information above the fold anymore. Now, this monster has mutated. Now, apparently, everything has to be under the fold. Above the fold, we’re only allowed to have giant background images or videos combined with (maybe) some big text.

Let’s be clear, this can be just as bad for usability if it’s done wrong and it usually is. At the very least, tell your users what your website is about and suggest a next step.

Reads like a hit list of web design trends that should get whacked. I like it.

16 Web & Graphic Design Trends To Watch In 2016 image/svg+xml

As a web & graphic design agency with an accent in visual storytelling, my team and I need to pay close attention to the everchanging trends of design, on and offline. These are what I believe will be the 16 most prominent trends of graphic design in 2016.

Why is this important to you, even if you’re not a designer? Well, if you spend lots of hours writing your blog, wouldn’t you like to stand apart visually? Jump on board these trends before everybody does.

Or don’t. Seriously though, I’m looking forward to …

Material design has been appearing in this kind of lists and predictions since 2013, but it wasn’t widely adopted until 2015.

But If you thought 2015 was the year of material design, think again. Material as a trend that you’ll find in websites, apps, artwork, etc. will be adopted massively during 2016. It will be the year of material design’s dominance.