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Papersizes.io [↗]

PaperSizes – A simple, free resource for finding the international standards for paper sizes.

I don’t do an awful lot of print work work, but even so, this is a handy reference, and it’s beautifully designed.

Animated Bézier Curves [↗]

Some nifty interactive animations that show how Bézier curves work.

Logobook [↗]

Discover the worlds finest logos, symbols & trademarks.

I could spend hours browsing this site, beautiful stuff.

Piskel – Free online sprite editor [↗]

Piskel, free online sprite editor. A simple web-based tool for Spriting and Pixel art. Create pixel art, game sprites and animated GIFs. Free and open-source.


ColorSnapper 2 [↗]

The macOS color picker app for designers & developers which makes it easy to collect, adjust, organize and export colors of any pixel on the screen.

Previously, I was using a free colour picking app, but it didn’t work very well with my multiple monitor set-up, so I’ve switched to ColorSnapper. It’s not free, but it works beautifully. £7.99 well spent.

Obsessive GIF Artist Al Boardman on the Importance of Personal Projects [↗]

Al Boardman, prolific GIF-creator and expert animator, has created motion graphics for an impressive list of famous brands (including Nike, IBM, and Twitter). His signature style is simple yet sophisticated, with a color palette and a smoothness that sucks the viewer in.

Al Boardman’s GIFs are both wonderful and inspirational; after browsing his collection, I feel like I want to do less coding and more designing. I’m thinking that I might have another play with my site’s design soon. The current minimal design is nice, but not much fun.

At the start, I had no clients, no contacts and no work, but I eventually picked up a few low-paid bits and bobs from startups around the city. It didn’t lead to much, so, I decided to try a different approach, and one that I’d recommend highly. I stopped chasing low-paid work that I didn’t particularly want to do and focused on creating work for myself.

Oh, and the interview is a pretty good read too.

Is this my interface or yours? [↗]

I wrote this story because I’ve seen this question come up time and time again from designers, developers, and writers. Why do we use “my” here? Why do we use “your” there? And yet, I’ve seen very little of this documented externally in style guides.

Some good tips on when to use “my” and “your” in my/your user interfaces. Personally, I’ve always tended to go with my gut and use what feels right, without giving it too much thought. I guess I should have known that there’d be more to it than that.

The Typography of ‘Stranger Things’ [↗]

The Stranger Things title sequence is pure, unadulterated typographic porn.

I’ve just started watching Stranger Things and I’d agree with the above, it really is that good.

Discover.typography by H&Co [↗]

How to use fonts: Typographic explorations from the designers at Hoefler & Co.

Some nice typography inspiration.

Type Terms: The Animated Cheat Sheet [↗]

Typography is one of the fundamentals that all designers should have a grasp on and should execute well. With that in mind we decided to create Type Terms, an animated cheat sheet aimed to aid new designers with learning typographic terminology.

Beautifully executed and informative too.

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