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A Retrospective on Linode’s Holiday DDoS Attacks image/svg+xml

Over the twelve days between December 25th and January 5th, Linode saw more than a hundred denial-of-service attacks against every major part of our infrastructure, some severely disrupting service for hundreds of thousands of Linode customers.

I’d like to follow up on my earlier update by providing some more insight into how we were attacked and what we’re doing to stop it from happening again.

As a Linode customer, I found this a fascinating read. It’s a candid analysis of what happened, and what they are doing to prevent it from happening again. I remember saying at the time that I hoped something good would come out of the attacks, and it looks like that is now happening. Nice work, Linode.

Linode Confirms Data Security Breach That Matches Recent WP Engine Attack image/svg+xml

Cloud hosting provider Linode has been combatting DDoS attacks since Christmas Day, which have caused multiple disruptions and service outages across its global data centers. The attacks are ongoing and the company is struggling to keep its status blog up to notify customers.

I’ve been a Linode customer for more than 7 years and these recent events are somewhat worrying. I use their services for my personal projects and for projects at work. Now, I’m not prone to knee-jerk reactions, so I haven’t moved to a new provider yet, but I am considering it. DigitalOcean is looking quite attractive at the moment.