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Blow Your Own Trumpet image/svg+xml

Some great advice on how to sell yourself. As someone looking to set-up a new venture in the New Year, this comes as timely advice. I especially liked this titbit:

If you mainly work alone, don’t describe yourself as anything other than “I”. You might think that saying “we” makes you appear larger and will give you a better chance of landing bigger and better work, but the moment a prospective client asks, “How many people are you?” you’ll have some uncomfortable explaining to do. This will distract them from talking about your work and derail your sales process. There’s no need to be anything other than genuine about how you describe yourself. You should be proud to say “I” because working alone isn’t something that many people have the ability, business acumen or talent to do.

I’ll be working alone and I will definitely be using “I”, not “we”.