Tags: command line

Scrape Images with wget [↗]

A quick tip for using wget to download all images at a given URL.

Commandline Challenge [↗]

Are you up for the command line challenge? Solve the tasks … in a single line of bash.

A nifty way to have some fun whilst learning bash commands.

Look before you paste from a website to terminal [↗]

Most of the time when we see a code snippet online to do something, we often blindly copy paste it to the terminal. Even the tech savy ones just see it on the website before copy pasting. Here is why you shouldn’t do this.

I’m well past the point of copying and pasting random commands, that said, I’d imagine this could be somewhat scary for new Linux users.

On a semi-related note, I’m sure I noticed that the default terminal app in elementary OS alerts the user whenever they paste a “sudo” command. Seems like a sensible idea.

How to Create WP-CLI Commands [↗]

I’ve yet to play with WP-CLI, but it looks super-interesting. I’m currently developing a large WooCommerce project at work and I’m thinking that WP-CLI will come in very handy for performing scheduled maintenance tasks via cron.

POST Form Data with cURL [↗]

The first time I needed to POST file data from command line I thought I was in for a fight; instead I found that cURL made the process easy!


tldr-pages [↗]

Surely people could benefit from simplified “show me the common usages” man pages. This repository is just that: an ever-growing collection of examples for the most common UNIX / Linux / OSX / SunOS commands.

I love this, some man pages take forever to skim through to get to the information I need. I especially love the web client.