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A Simple Web Developer’s Guide To Color image/svg+xml

I’ve never been a fan of color theory. I think it’s because I’ve always been a bit hopeless at it. I’d love to be able to sit there, color wheel in hand, and pick out complementary, split-complementary and triad color schemes, impressing all of my friends, family and clients in the process.

In the past, I’ve mentioned my issues with choosing and using colours. Well, it turns out that I’m not alone. Ha!

HTML5 Canvas Blocks #4

The thought of having to choose a colour for something does not sit comfortably with me. I have read all about colour theory, like a million times, but I still feel mentally paralysed when faced with having to pluck a colour from the rainbow. It’s a sickness, I tell you.

So, anyhow, I currently find myself in said position. Normally, my first line of defence is to revert to good old black ‘n’ white, however, this time I’ve made a mental promise to myself to go wild and choose some actual colours. To be clear, I’m not planning on using the colours below. I think they’re a little too wild, but I do the like the combination. The colours are those featured on the Beastie Boys album art for Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.

See the Pen HTML5 Canvas Blocks #4 by Philip Newborough (@corenominal) on CodePen.

Or maybe I should?