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All the Ways I Automate image/svg+xml

Scripting and automation have been in the conversation lately, owing to Apple’s reported disbanding of the macOS team responsible for them and the departure of scripting advocate Sal Soghoian from the company last month.

They sounds like arcane, abstract concepts. And to be sure, scripting and automation are the sort of feature that’s used by more like 5% of users rather than 50%. But in pondering Apple’s possible shift in automation strategy, I began to consider all the ways I use it in my working life.

I’m always interested to discover new productivity hacks, so I enjoyed reading this. Also, I wasn’t aware of Automator, or how useful it can be, until I started using OS X. I have to wonder why the folks at Apple don’t make more of a song and dance about it? I can’t say for sure, but I think I’d have probably switched to OS X sooner, if I’d known more about Automator.

Create WebPage Screenshots with Node.js and PhantomJS image/svg+xml

Automation on the web has gotten incredibly accessible and advanced, much in part to utilities like PhantomJS. PhatomJS allows you to do headless testing, network monitoring, page automation, and much more. One of the simple tasks I like using PhatomJS for is screenshot creation. Sure I could use another service or another utility but PhantomJS is so flexible and easy to use that there’s no need to look elsewhere!

I can attest to the flexibility of PhantomJS, I’ve used it in the past for all manner of jobs. I once used it to create thousands of different coloured product images for a large e-commerce site, which saved someone from a very long and laborious job. Anyhow, this post covers the basics, which should be enough to get you started.