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Building Python GTK+ Applications on Ubuntu

Recently, I’ve been playing around with building some little Python GTK+ applications on Ubuntu. It’s lots of fun and a welcome break from my normal PHP work. I’ve not done any real Python development since I ended my CrunchBang project, so I’m somewhat rusty. Finding good documentation to help me develop my applications has been a bit hit and miss. I guess this is mostly due to my own ignorance on the subject (not knowing what to search for), but also because there is a lot of old GTK+ 2 documentation around, which Google insists on returning results for. Grr.

If there was one reference point I wished I had known about before I started, it would have been the PyGObject (aka PyGI) page on the GNOME wiki. It has a Documentation section that contains links to the resources that I’ve painstakingly found myself over the last few days. Doh.

The documentation that I’ve found most helpful is:

  1. Python GObject Introspection API Reference
  2. The Python GTK+ 3 Tutorial
  3. GNOME Platform Demos in Python

Anyhow, this post is mostly a note-to-self, but hopefully it might save others from wasting time searching with Google.

4 Rules of Simple UI Components image/svg+xml

Too often have I seen simple web applications become a huge pile of intertwined, indecipherable JavaScript code. As features are added, code is added into seemingly random files, event listeners are accidentally duplicated, jQuery selectors stop working because someone moved the DOM around one too many times and sooner or later you start to feel the consequences.

It fails randomly.
It breaks in strange places.
It has regression bugs.
And no one wants to change it (for fear that it will become their code!).

Welcome to my life. But seriously, a good article with solid advice for avoiding the above.