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Moving from Fever to Miniflux

I’ve been using Fever as my self-hosted RSS reader ever since Google Reader was closed. It’s provided a solid experience, but when it was announced that Fever was to cease being supported, I decided that the next time I upgraded my server, I’d move to Miniflux.

Yesterday evening, I upgraded my server (well, I moved it from using Ubuntu 16.04 to Debian Stretch) and installed Miniflux. The installation was straightforward and it only took a few minutes to import my subscriptions from the OPML that I’d exported from Fever.

Initial impressions are really good, Miniflux’s user interface is super-simple and very easy to use. It’s also very quick! I don’t have any metrics to compare, but it definitely seems quicker at updating/refreshing my subscriptions than Fever. This is also evident when connecting via its Fever API using Reeder.

Anyhow, it’s early days, but I think Miniflux is going to be a very good replacement for Fever. If you’ve been looking for a self-hosted RSS reader, it might be worth taking a look.

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