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First impressions of KDE neon

Last Tuesday I decided to start my search for a new Linux distribution to take along to the next Lincoln LUG meeting. Now, I’ve never really liked KDE distros and I tend to steer clear of them, but I decided to embrace something different and I chose KDE neon, which I installed on my X220.

Again, I’ve never really liked KDE, so you can probably imagine (or possibly not) my surprise when I found myself still using it a few days later. And, not only was I still using it, but I was also really enjoying the experience.

In many ways, the KDE Plasma Desktop is the complete opposite of what I have come to expect from a modern Linux desktop environment; whilst GNOME, Unity and Pantheon are somewhat configurable, it seems that Plasma can be tweaked to the nth degree. I’m not used to this level of flexibility and it’s unfamiliar ground, but I’ve found the experience to provide a refreshing change — in some ways it has reminded me of why I started using desktop Linux in the first place.

Anyhow, it’s still early days and I’m still finding my way around, but I can see myself using KDE neon for a while to come. Also, it’ll be interesting to see what my fellow LUG members think of it, later in the month.

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