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Using HTTP/2 Responsibly: Adapting for Users image/svg+xml

A useful article that explores how best to implement HTTP/2. Includes this helpful snippet:

The specific mechanism by which you detect HTTP/2 support will depend on the back end language you use. In PHP, we can determine the protocol version of a given connection by checking the $_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"] environment variable. Below is a one-liner that stores the HTTP/2 connection status in a variable named $isHttp2:

$isHttp2 = stristr($_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"], "HTTP/2") ? true : false;

Using the stristr function, the $_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"] environment variable is checked for the presence of the substring "HTTP/2". If the substring exists, $isHttp2 is set to true.

I’ve not checked, but I wonder if the Autoptimize WordPress plugin has options for this?

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