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Finding an Alternative to Mac OS X — Part 2 – Bit Cannon image/svg+xml

An interesting follow-up to finding an alternative to Mac OS X. Reading this brought back memories of my own experiences with desktop Linux, but this struck home the most:

At this point the system was actively harming my productivity so I did what any rational person would do: blew it away and installed Arch Linux. I then compounded my lost productivity by constructing a GNOME environment I was happy with.

I dread to think how much time I’ve spent configuring and tweaking desktop Linux environments. Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve had fun doing it, but I could definitely have spent that time being more productive. I love Linux, but if you’re not mindful, it has the potential to be a real productivity sink.

P.S. I’m currently being unproductive with KDE neon.

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