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Front End Center – Why Inline SVG is Best SVG image/svg+xml

SVG is one of the most powerful tools in a front-end developer’s arsenal, and while its browser support is excellent, there’s enough rough edges that a lot of people consistently reach for an alternative such as icon fonts, static images or CSS-only drawing techniques.

In this episode we’ll look at what can be achieved by writing SVG by hand, simple effects that can add a lot to an interaction that only need a handful of lines of SVG + CSS. But we’ll also consider why it is that Inline SVG, in particular, is so much easier to work with than embedding SVG in other ways.

I’ve been using inline SVG for a while and I love the interaction and features it provides, but I hate seeing inline SVG in my code, it just looks ugly and reminds me of the bad old days of mixed content and presentation. I’m sure I’ll get over it, in time. Anyhow, this is a fab video and well worth a look.

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