Dave Builds a PC [↗]

I hate myself for this comparison, but here goes. Computer manufacturers (like Apple and Dell) are like front-end development frameworks; smart defaults that serve the majority of people. That’s just fine. But as a technolgist and a software developer, I want something custom tailored to my specific needs. This balances my aethetics, my technolust, and my budget without paying a “tax” to companies to do that for me. The modular nature of the computer means I can piecemeal upgrade the components as necessary. I’m not beholden to an entire new product cycle.

Seems like a fair analogy to me. Also, Dave’s post reminded me of when I put together my Hackintosh machine. I had a few minor issues slotting everything together, but the feeling of accomplishment when the machine first boots is properly worth it.

P.S. I keep referring to my desktop as my Hackintosh machine, but I actually removed macOS from it a couple of months ago. I should probably post an update.

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