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I’m dumping Atom and moving back to Sublime Text

Back in May, I switched from using Sublime Text to Atom. I’m now moving back to Sublime. Atom is not a bad editor, I actually enjoyed using it, but in comparison to Sublime, it’s a power-hungry slouch.

I spend the majority of my working day in my editor and I constantly switch between projects, this meant that I really noticed how slow Atom was at starting up. Sometimes I’d click Atom’s app icon and wait, and wait, and wait. In comparison, Sublime starts almost instantly.

The poor performance was also noticeable when dealing with large files. I often work with large CSV files and they weren’t a pleasure to work with in Atom. Sublime on the other hand, seems to handle large files OK.

Lastly, Atom drained the battery on my 12inch MacBook incredibly quickly. In fact, it drained the battery so quickly, it made me feel uncomfortable. Also, on my Core i7 (Quad Core 4GHz) Hackintosh system, it would make the system fans spin-up and hum, which also made me feel uneasy.

With all that in mind, and considering that Atom and Sublime are on par for the features I actually use, it was a no-brainer for me to switch back to Sublime. I’m not sure what efforts are being made to make Atom more performant, or whether it’s even possible given its Electron core, but I think it really needs some attention. Meanwhile, I’m super-happy to be using Sublime again.

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