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Results of the GIF Survey image/svg+xml

It’s an interesting inversion of what one might (perhaps naïvely?) expect: given that the creator of the format has explicitly said the pronunciation is with a soft G, one might expect that those who use the hard G know it’s incorrect but say it anyway. My personal opinion is that this is actually a reflection of human nature: faced with evidence that undermines our instinctive reactions, we tend to double down.

This debate has been raging for years, and it’s just bonkers. In the past, I’ve been laughed at for using the soft G and I’ve sometimes tried to defend my stance by a) pointing out the creator’s pronunciation, and b) asking how the word “gist” is pronounced. It’s usually at this point that the debate gets even more ridiculous. Again, it’s just bonkers.

All that said, I love that this survey has been conducted!

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