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MenuMeters for OS X El Capitan 10.11 image/svg+xml

So, there I was, sat on the couch and merrily tapping away on my MacBook Pro. I was working in Atom, coding on a little project, whilst also taking a mild interest in The Great British Bake Off, which was playing on my desktop. It was only when the GBBO finished that I noticed the audible racket coming from my MacBook. It sounded like it was about to take off!

After a little bit of investigating, it turns out there was a runaway service (Atom related) consuming the CPU, which in turn, was causing the fans to spin at warp factor 9!

Worryingly, because of the ambient noise (and my crappy hearing), I was blissfully unaware of the problem. Not good. So, to help reduce the likelihood of this scenario happening again, I Googled for “OS X CPU monitor menubar” and found MenuMeters.

Problem solved. MenuMeters is a nifty little preference pane that allows for showing a number of live stats (CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring etc) within the OS X menubar. So, all I need to do now is glance at it from time-to-time, and if I see the little CPU percentage bar turn red, I’ll know there’s a problem.

Oh, and MenuMeters is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Winning!

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