WordPress crusade against technical responsibility [↗]

It is often stressed in WordPress circles that plugins and themes should be compatible to obsolete 5.2 version of PHP programming language.


Because otherwise you will break people’s sites.


Because people still run their sites on PHP 5.2.


Because they don’t know they should update.


Because we won’t tell them.


Because they don’t have to know.

Wait, what?

It took me a long time to grasp that “they don’t have to know” is one of the most important and least obvious WordPress principles.

I don’t agree with that.

I don’t agree with it either, it’s insane. WordPress has more than enough security concerns without the added issues of supporting dead versions of PHP. Bonkers.

BTW, this WP site runs on PHP v7.0.9 and it really wasn’t very difficult to achieve.

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Hi! Big fan of the blog and I run my own WordPress site as well (still on Ubuntu 14.04). What host and OS do you use? Do you use the OS repos for PHP, or use more up-to-date repos?

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Hi Logan. I use Linode for hosting. I’m still using Ubuntu 14.04 too as it’s still got a few years support left in it. That said, now that 16.04.01 is out, I may make the move soon.

Regarding PHP, I’m currently using this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/php
It’s been working pretty well for the last few months and I’ve not experienced any problems with it.

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