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The post where I admit that I bottled it and moved to Debian, before realising I was being a dumbass and moved back to Ubuntu

For the record, I really like Ubuntu’s Unity desktop, I think it’s a polished environment and a pleasure to use.

I’m glad I wrote the above, because I’m using Ubuntu again. Yes, sometimes I can be a proper plonker, but unlike a lot of UK politicians, I’m not afraid to admit when I get something wrong, or just make a stupid decision.

After just a few short days using GNOME on Debian, I came to realise that actually, I much preferred using Ubuntu and Unity. There, I said it.

As for this stuff, I’ve decided to try and embrace it, much in the same way I embraced proprietary operating systems for over a year. In fact, I’m considering jumping-in head-first by purchasing one of the new Ubuntu phones, just so I can play around with the development kits.

P.S. I hope nobody takes any cues from me, ever.

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