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Content Jumping (and How To Avoid It) image/svg+xml

Few things are as annoying on the web as having the page layout unexpectedly change or shift while you’re trying to view or interact with it. Whether you’re attempting to read an article as it wriggles around in front of you, or you try to click a link only to have another one push it out of the way and take you off to somewhere unexpected, it’s always frustrating.

Yup, it’s really fucking annoying. I’m looking at you, BBC News.

I’ve been trying to keep up-to-date with all the latest happenings around Brexit (whilst trying not to despair at batshit craziness of it all), but the Live Reporting page is super-frustrating. Every time I start reading a report, it jumps off the screen. Grr!

Didn’t Twitter solve this problem already?

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