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Building Python GTK+ Applications on Ubuntu

Recently, I’ve been playing around with building some little Python GTK+ applications on Ubuntu. It’s lots of fun and a welcome break from my normal PHP work. I’ve not done any real Python development since I ended my CrunchBang project, so I’m somewhat rusty. Finding good documentation to help me develop my applications has been a bit hit and miss. I guess this is mostly due to my own ignorance on the subject (not knowing what to search for), but also because there is a lot of old GTK+ 2 documentation around, which Google insists on returning results for. Grr.

If there was one reference point I wished I had known about before I started, it would have been the PyGObject (aka PyGI) page on the GNOME wiki. It has a Documentation section that contains links to the resources that I’ve painstakingly found myself over the last few days. Doh.

The documentation that I’ve found most helpful is:

  1. Python GObject Introspection API Reference
  2. The Python GTK+ 3 Tutorial
  3. GNOME Platform Demos in Python

Anyhow, this post is mostly a note-to-self, but hopefully it might save others from wasting time searching with Google.

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