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Let’s Encrypt – Defending Our Brand image/svg+xml

Some months ago, it came to our attention that Comodo Group, Inc., is attempting to register at least three trademarks for the term “Let’s Encrypt,” for a variety of CA-related services. These trademark applications were filed long after the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) started using the name Let’s Encrypt publicly in November of 2014, and despite the fact Comodo’s “intent to use” trademark filings acknowledge that it has never used “Let’s Encrypt” as a brand.

Comodo Group, Inc. is a business and like all businesses, they exist to make money. That said, I think their behaviour is pretty shitty. I guess they’re worried that they cannot compete with Let’s Encrypt and so have chosen dirty tactics as a form of defense/attack. Seems idiotic to me.

Anyhow, I hope Let’s Encrypt are successful, they’re doing great work and deserve support.

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