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A couple of notes on Windows 10

First note: In December 2014, I purchased a copy of Windows 8 and installed it on an old desktop machine that I was using for testing. About a year later, when I purchased and built my hackintosh, I moved the Windows 8 license to it, dual-booting with OS X, and decommissioned the old desktop. Moving the license to my new machine involved a telephone call to Microsoft, but I explained the situation and the process was quite painless.

A few months later, I removed Windows 8 from that system, and ran OS X exclusively. Then, when Windows 10 was released last year, I reinstalled Windows 8 on a dual-boot partition and upgraded it to Windows 10, before removing it, again.

Yesterday, I needed to test something with Edge, so I installed Windows 10 as a virtual machine on my hackintosh. The install was super-easy and I had Windows 10 running in no time, but it was not activated. Not wanting to purchase another copy of Windows, just for testing purposes, I figured I’d attempt to activate it using my original Windows 8 license key. To my total surprise, it worked! WTF?

Second note: Becky has been running Windows 10 on her Lenovo X220 since it was released. For the most part, it worked okay, but every now-and-again the laptop would just turn itself off. When this happened, I would look at the event logs, but they wouldn’t shed any light on the matter, which was somewhat frustrating, more for Becky than me.

Anyhow, on Friday, the laptop turned itself off a few times in quick succession and I feared Becky was about to hulk-out and smash it to smithereens. So, to pacify the angry one, I offered her my old white MacBook as replacement machine, which she gratefully accepted.

This morning, I was feeling a little curious about Becky’s X220 and I found myself questioning what could be wrong with it. I figured it was possibly a hardware issue, but I should probably attempt to eliminate the possibility of it being caused by software. So, I wiped Windows 10 and installed the latest release of Ubuntu Desktop on it. It’s early days, but the laptop has been running continuously and so far there have been no problems. I’ll continue to use the machine over the next couple of days, but at the moment, it looks like the issues could have been Windows 10 related.


  1. Dave Armour says:

    Hi Corenominal,
    I have just had to resolve a similar issue with an Lenovo Thinkpad E560 machine at work… that was upgraded from Win 8.1 to 10 then down to Win 7…
    It seems to be an issue with the Power Save settings in the BIOS and after applying an update (through Win 7) console it seems to be working okay……?!?

  2. corenominal says:

    Interesting, I’ll take a look, thanks. For what it’s worth, I’ve not had any issues with the laptop whilst it’s been running Ubuntu, so I’m currently thinking that I’ll leave Ubuntu on it for the time being.

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