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Where have all the MacBooks gone at Linux conferences? image/svg+xml

I recently returned from LinuxFest Northwest. One of the most noteworthy things from that event? I saw only one Mac laptop in use by the attendees of the event. One. And, you know what? It wasn’t running Mac OS. It was running Linux.

Earlier this year, I attended Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE). Similar situation there. I saw a good handful of Apple logos glowing here and there, but only a handful. Most laptops seemed to be happily running Linux of one flavor or another.

An interesting post from Bryan Lunduke regarding the decline of MacBook devices at Linux conferences. Why did I find this interesting? Because it conflicts with my own usage. Having spent just short of a year using OS X, I think I’d find it very difficult to switch back to desktop Linux. It would feel like a backwards step.

Also, I wonder how many new MacBook devices were at these events? I’d imagine they are less noticeable as they don’t feature the “glowing” Apple logos.

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