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New Lincoln LUG Website

Lincoln LUG Website

This weekend, I migrated the Lincoln LUG website to WordPress and moved it to its own domain (previously, the site was hosted on the UK Linux User Groups servers.) I’m hoping the move will allow for further development possibilities.

Some of the new features I’ve already implemented are:

  1. The site is now served over HTTPS via a StartSSL certificate.
  2. The site is served over HTTP/2.
  3. WordPress has been configured to use the WP Super Cache plugin, so it should be as fast, if not faster than the previous static site.
  4. WordPress has been configured to use the Autoptimize plugin, whilst the need for this is mostly negated by HTTP/2, the minifying features should still help to keep the site snappy.
  5. I’ve created a WordPress plugin for creating LUG meetings. The plugin registers a custom post type and provides metaboxes for inputting event details, such as dates, times and venues. The plugin also provides a function for outputting structured data.
  6. I’ve created a WordPress plugin for editing/creating content snippets. This allows for editing sections of a web page, without providing full access to the template.

Regarding the design, this has remained largely unchanged, although I have made some tweaks to make the site render better on small screens. If you are interested, you can checkout the WordPress theme here. Please feel free to clone the theme and submit your pull requests. If you want to set-up a development sandbox, ping me and I’ll happily provide a SQL dump of the database.

I’ve got some ideas to further develop the site, with the intention of making the LUG more accessible for both new and existing LUG members. If you have any ideas or input for the site, please feel free to contact me, or shoot an email off to the LUG’s mailing list.

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