State Of The Woo 2016 [↗]

In January, team leads from Woo and Automatic went to Capetown and hashed out the things that will have the biggest impacts on WordPress and Woo, like the REST API, for example, Mullenweg said.

The team will be focusing on localization, language, currency, and other country-specific extensions in the future. Mullenweg noted how eCommerce stores, like ColourPop, are growing with Woo and doubling down on scalability will also be a focus as they move forward.

It’s good to see WooCommerce getting this level of support from Automattic. I’ve recently worked on a Magento to Woo migration where scalability was a definite concern. If you search for advice on how well Woo scales, the results tend to indicate that there is a lack of confidence in it, yet I couldn’t find any detailed metrics. Anyhow, the store I worked on had ~40,000 SKUs and Woo seems to handle that number just fine. That said, the store isn’t under any great load at the moment, so it’ll be interesting to see how it performs when/if it starts to become more popular.

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