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30 Tips to Turbocharge Dropbox image/svg+xml

Dropbox just works. Plus it does a lot more than just syncing. It’s the perfect digital suitcase. It ensures you’ll never be without your files wherever you need them, assuming you utilize Dropbox to the fullest. Just how do you do that? These tips spell it out.

Some handy tips for Dropbox users. I’ve been a Dropbox user for a good few years and it’s a great service. The first tip about gaining more free space made me chuckle:

One enterprising person nabbed his max referral bonus space by placing a Google AdWords ads with the custom link, then ceasing the campaign once he hit the 16GB limit. Easy.

In the past, I must have referred a fair number of new users to the service as I’ve managed to get my free allowance up from 2GB to 24.5GB, I guess I must have done this before they capped the limit to 16GB.

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