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Hello, Debian Sid, again

Last night, at Lincoln LUG, it occurred to me that I was kind of missing my old desktop Linux (I’ve not used desktop Linux for about 6 months or so, using OS X instead.) I felt really quite envious when I was looking at my friend’s systems. So, tonight, I installed Debian Sid on my old Lenovo X220. Now, I’m not sure how often I’m going to use it, but it’s nice to know that it’s installed and available if I need it. If nothing else, I’ll at least have a system that I can take to LUG meetings and not feel awkward about — whilst turning up with a MacBook is not frowned upon, we’re a relaxed and friendly group, it does make me feel like a bit of a pretender, even though I spend all day in a terminal attached to numerous Ubuntu servers.

P.S. I typed this up on my X220, I’d forgotten how nice the keyboard is on this thing.

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