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HTML5 Canvas Blocks #4

The thought of having to choose a colour for something does not sit comfortably with me. I have read all about colour theory, like a million times, but I still feel mentally paralysed when faced with having to pluck a colour from the rainbow. It’s a sickness, I tell you.

So, anyhow, I currently find myself in said position. Normally, my first line of defence is to revert to good old black ‘n’ white, however, this time I’ve made a mental promise to myself to go wild and choose some actual colours. To be clear, I’m not planning on using the colours below. I think they’re a little too wild, but I do the like the combination. The colours are those featured on the Beastie Boys album art for Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.

See the Pen HTML5 Canvas Blocks #4 by Philip Newborough (@corenominal) on CodePen.

Or maybe I should?

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