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WordPress Contributors Look for a Path Forward for the WP REST API image/svg+xml

Over the weekend, discussion continued surrounding the direction of the WP REST API, as both Matt Mullenweg and Ryan McCue took to their WordPress blogs to clarify statements from last week’s status meeting. Differences of opinion are driving a heated debate about what constitutes a goalpost for the API’s readiness for core.

I’m finding this debate fascinating and I can empathise with both sides. What’s really interesting are the different writing styles Matt and Ryan have used in their clarification posts. Matt’s post/argument is based on a passionate analogy of “good” music production, whilst Ryan’s post is more technical and a lot lengthier. It’s kind of obvious who is more directly involved in the project, although this is not indicative of how correct that person’s argument is — sometimes you can be too close to be able to make an objective decision.

Anyhow, it will be interesting to see how this pans out. From where I’m sitting, the argument for progressive enhancement is looking strong and I’m sure a compromise will happen.

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