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Does WordPress have a future?

I was asked on Twitter today, “Do you think WordPress will have a future in the next 5 years?”

Now, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do read a lot and I try to keep up-to-date with what is happening in the world of WordPress. With this in mind, I’m confident that WordPress does have a future, in fact, all the signals point to an impending boom in usage and development.

In case you missed it, the most important feature of the lastest WP release was the inclusion of the REST API in the WP core. This feature is a game changer and has opened a whole new realm of possibilities for developers. Now, I could attempt to list a bunch of imagined applications which would no doubt leave you cold and uninterested, but luckily for you, I don’t have to, because documented real-world examples have already started to be published. A couple of examples being:

And it’s only just beginning. I’m expecting to see many more examples of how the REST API is changing the way users and developers interact with WP.

Personally, I’ve only just begun to experiment with the API myself, but from my limited experience, I can testify that it’s incredibly easy to work with — I was able to implement my own custom endpoints in a matter of minutes. I’m looking forward to playing with it some more and I’m already thinking about how it will change some of the projects I am currently involved with. I’m excited about that and I would say the future for WordPress, and its developers, is bright, very bright indeed.

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