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A Blank WordPress Theme

Tonight, I created a new WordPress theme. The theme is intentionally blank and it only took a couple of minutes to create. The theme serves one purpose. Imagine the following scenario:

As a security precaution, and to prevent unnecessary updates, a WordPress developer has removed all the default WordPress themes, leaving him/her with just the single theme he/she is using/developing. The developer then realises that in order to test a theme activation plugin, he/she needs another theme. Doh.

Today, I was that developer.

This blank theme enables the developer to quickly switch between themes, without any security risks or any unnecessary updates.

Animated gif showing the Blank theme's single purpose

Animated gif showing the Blank theme’s single purpose.

P.S. I’m not sure if there are other themes like this already, to be honest, it was probably quicker to create the theme than it would have been to research it.

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