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16 Web & Graphic Design Trends To Watch In 2016 image/svg+xml

As a web & graphic design agency with an accent in visual storytelling, my team and I need to pay close attention to the everchanging trends of design, on and offline. These are what I believe will be the 16 most prominent trends of graphic design in 2016.

Why is this important to you, even if you’re not a designer? Well, if you spend lots of hours writing your blog, wouldn’t you like to stand apart visually? Jump on board these trends before everybody does.

Or don’t. Seriously though, I’m looking forward to …

Material design has been appearing in this kind of lists and predictions since 2013, but it wasn’t widely adopted until 2015.

But If you thought 2015 was the year of material design, think again. Material as a trend that you’ll find in websites, apps, artwork, etc. will be adopted massively during 2016. It will be the year of material design’s dominance.


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